What you'll learn

In the curriculum of the course, you will receive the theoretical and practical training to be cyber warriors

Org. networks

Includes a practical project

Computer network management

Includes a practical project

Programming languages

Python, Nmap, WireShark

Phishing sites

Including creating a phishing site

SQL databases

including creating a project

Mobile apps

and inserting them into different devices

Social engineering

in the cyber world

Validity study

and finding security weaknesses

And other useful and enriching topics!

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Why us?

Our competitors

  • Online & Zoom Based Programs
  • Conceptual Studies
  • Large Scaled Classes
  • Inexperienced Lecturers
  • College Certification
  • No Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lack of Government Supervision
  • Limited Payment Options
  • Time Limited Support

  • Practical Hands-on Education
  • Convenient Evening Classes “Learn as you earn”
  • Small Classes & Personal Attention
  • Industry experts with over 8 years of experience
  • Supervised and built by the Israeli Ministry of Defense
  • Satisfaction Guarantee and Job Placement
  • 24/6 Student Assistance Availability
  • State of The Art Cyber Threat & Attack Simulations
  • All classes are recorded and available for review 24/7 on the cloud
  • Free Resume building and Job Placement Program
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Evening Courses

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10 Months

Twice a Week

5:30pm – 9:30pm

450 Academic Hours

Easy Accessible Public Transportation

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